A word about marriage.

14 Oct

The “M” word has been the topic-of-choice in my small social circle lately. And with my travel plans for wedding #4 for this year, it seems to be the theme for 2012. It’s also been a part of my daily thoughts as I am in the midst of my own best year of marriage to date.

On some days, marriage is more about finding the one you can live with, rather than the one you can’t live without. Marriage is hard. Sharing a bathroom is hard. Knowing that someone else knows ALL of your faults, and sometimes reminds you, is hard.

On other days, marriage is the look from your partner that reminds you what you are worth. It’s that moment when you are watching a DVD together for the tenth time, still laughing at the same parts, that you realize you are content. It’s the interruption of your pulse as your heart spins around when you see how handsome he looks in the same ol’ t-shirt and jeans.

My husband has become more to me than a best-friend. More than a road-trip partner. More than a co-bill-payer.

He is the one that I am embarrassingly honest to. He has become the one I am most judgmental of. The one I run to when I fail. The one I apologize to the most.

He has become the one who can bring confidence to me during my most insecure moments – with just a smile. He is the one that is in all my dreams for the future. The one I have discovered I don’t ever want to be without.

He is the one. And after over nine years together – I am so glad I figured this out.

Marriage. I highly recommend it.

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  1. A word about marriage. | MOONWATER PRESS - January 20, 2014

    […] A word about marriage.. Glad to find its good for some people but its not for all. Sometimes its a big mistake and sometimes it might not of been in the beginning but too much happens to ever get it back. Marriage should be seriously thought out before jumping into. Live together first, first of all and if can’t live together peacefully for the most part and become two halves to a whole then you sure in hell should not get married and should break if off to find ones whom you can before you start hating each other. Better to realize you not lifelong right for each other and part as friends that become each others destruction and personal hell you’re trapped in. Do not get me wrong, it does actually work for some and this post shows that but the person you settle down with for life  has to be your compatible or ideal mate and you do not always know if they are or not until its too late if you jump in too soon without exploring if your really right for each other first. […]

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